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Why bring farms into cities? Why would you want a farm in your backyard in the first place? Urban farming systems could help feed Nigeria’s overcrowded cities while using less land and water. They would contribute to a more sustainable future by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by removing the need for long-distance food transportation.

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Our debut smart agri-pyramid system is set to revolutionize urban agriculture in Nigeria.

Smart Agri-Pyramid System

Aquaponics & Hydoponics Systems

Young City Farmers Initiative

Consultancy Services

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Poised to Contribute To the attainment of Food security in Nigeria.

Agrisiti was conceived out of a realization that longer marketing channels plus the peculiarities of urban cities contribute to skyrocketing food prices.

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Grow Foods

Easily Cultivate Protein Foods

Minimize Costs

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Make Money

Decent Livelihood

Our Story

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These young men have worked so hard to put this together and in a few months you will hear great news from them. The ASSISI Agristate is glad to identify with them and be at the whole start of this project with them.
Papa Francesco
This project is going to revolutionize urban agriculture as we know it in Nigeria
Blessing Mene
With this unique system everyone can have a farm at their backyard. How brilliant!
Helen Emore

ever heard of the Young city farmers initiative?

We are raising the next generation of contemporary young farmers in Nigeria.

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