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The go-to provider of smart agricultural infrastructure solutions for urban agriculture in Nigerian cities.

We Have One Goal

To Provide Smart Urban Agricultural
Infrastructure in Nigeria .

Our Discovery

Unfortunately, 40% of Nigerians representing about 82 million live below the poverty line of one dollar per day. This is corroborated by the National Bureau of Statistics report which puts Nigeria’s poverty and unemployment rate at 33% in the past reporting year.

The Nigerian Protein Deficiency Report for 2020 proves that protein deficiency in Nigeria is mostly caused by poverty, unemployment, and a lack of awareness. The foregoing has had a significant impact on protein consumption because the average cost of protein in each meal is N80, thus amounting to an average daily protein expense of N240 for three meals in Nigeria.  In reality, cost and household income levels remain the most significant barriers to appropriate protein consumption in Nigeria

Our Mission

To provide smart, urban agricultural infrastructure and appropriate awareness for urban dwellers to primarily aid the sustainable cultivation of high-quality protein foods whilst earning a sustainable living and also creating decent livelihoods for many people via agriculture.

Starting out from Lagos State, our overarching goal at Agrisiti is to contribute to the creation of effective and operational mechanisms that would increase the daily protein intake of individuals and households. Over the long term, we would be making conscious efforts to also educate the urban populace about the workings of urban agriculture in a bid to create economical protein sources for several households.

We are Big on IMPACT

Zero Hunger

We majorly aim at contributing to meeting the protein deficit needs in Nigeria, which is currently estimated at about $8.7 billion for fish and poultry.

Clean Water & Sanitation

The cyclical symbiotic model of our SAP-Sys units allows for optimal water management and recycling for reuse whilst ensuring a clean system.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Solar energy is primarily used to operate the SAP-Sys mechanism

Decent Work & Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many people losing livelihoods. We create decent jobs for owners and SAP-Sys Food Growers.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Our systems contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions generated from animal wastes.

Responsible Consumption

Requires less land and facilitates increased input efficiency.

The Agrisiti Team

Joseph Ante


Eneyi Oshi


Oyewale Akintonde


Afolabi Asogba

Product Designer
MS.c Architecture, Designs and Infrastructure Management

Ajayi Simon

M&E Services Specialist
HND Electrical Electronics Engineering

Obiora Rejoice Uche

Research & Innovation
MS.c Public Health
B.Sc. in Health Education

Opeyemi Bamiduro

Branding & Graphics
BS.c Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

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