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Frequently Asked Questions

The deployment of vertical farming techniques ensures that our SAP-Sys units do not consume much land space thereby giving a maximum yield per square metre (sq.m). For any of our standard micro, mini, midi and maxi sizes, a land area of about 5sq.m to 12sq.m is required. Larger setups are usually custom orders and can take up to a land area of 23sq.m.

As part of our complete client package service delivery, we would be offering free inputs to clients upon their first purchase. Subsequently, we can always provide you with affordable inputs.

SAP-Sys users are assured of 5X more productivity per land area when compared to conventional farming. Based on recommended industry standards, our micro SAP-Sys unit can rear 12-15 chickens, 85-100 table size fishes and over 52-64 stems of vegetables in 3-6 months. A mini SAP-Sys unit can rear 24-30 chickens, 170-200 table size fishes and over 104-128 bunches of vegetables in 3-6 months. A midi SAP-Sys unit can rear 40-51 chickens, 300-400 table size fishes and 178-250 bunches of vegetables in 3-6 months. A maxi SAP-Sys unit can rear 58-72 chickens, 400-500 table size fishes and over 250 stems of vegetables in 3-6 months.

Extra produce can always be sold to neighbours, family and friends. However, in an event where you are not interested in marketing, we provide a seamless means to offtake your harvest for sale at appropriate commission.

Not to worry, our systems are quite easy to operate as we developed it with beginners in mind. However, upon purchase, we provide thorough guidance and instructions on how to use your SAP-Sys effectively. For busy owners, we advice you consider engaging a SAP-Sys Food Grower (our trained personnel) to help you manage your unit(s) at an affordable monthly fee.