Trending Technologies that can be Adopted in the Agricultural Sector of Nigeria.

Agriculture as we know, involves not just the rearing of animals and raising of plants, but it has also been able to establish other industries over time, including the biotechnology, farm machineries, agrochemicals, and food processing industries, all which which help in contributing to the promotion of food security and development of the agricultural sector.

However, one of the biggest challenge of the Nigerian agricultural sector is technology, following the continuous use of crude implement by the smallholder farmers in the country. The smallholder farmers despite being the major contributor of food production in the Nigerian economy, are still stuck with the use of crude implement, and have not been able to produce enough food for the growing population of the country.

However, unlike Nigeria, several countries have been able to tap the potentials of both their available labour and technology, and have been able to not only produce enough food for themselves, but also compete favorably in the international market.

And so, some of the trending technologies that can be adopted by the smallholder farmers in the Nigerian agricultural sector include;


The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence involves the use of computer rather than humans, in carrying out some farm operations, such as the use of drones and softwares for monitoring plants and animals, the use of farm management softwares for helping the farmer in making informed and productive decision, etc.


The Use of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can come in the form of cryptocurrency and e-wallet, all of which aid in sending and receiving payments to farmers.



The Use of Online Marketplaces

Rather than going to the physical market to sell off their products, farmers can comfortably sit at home and have their products sold off online. Same applies to consumers, who can conveniently access farm fresh products online

Information Hubs

The use of an information hub where farmers and professionals in the agricultural field can interact and share information with regards to improving the agricultural sector of Nigeria can also be adopted.



Vertical agriculture

Vertical agriculture is also a trending agricultural technology that can be adopted by farmers in the country, as it involves the growing of plants without the use of soil as a medium, while also maintaining the safety of the environment.



Farm Machinery

Farm machineries such as tractors, ploughs, tillers, and harvesters, can also be adopted in the agricultural sector of Nigeria, so as to ensure that farm products are harvested on time and without much labour.




Green houses can also be adopted in the agricultural sector of Nigeria, as they help to grow plants without dependence on the natural climate.




Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems can also be adopted in the agricultural sector of the country, as they ensure that their is constant supply of water.




The agricultural sector of Nigeria can be improved again and smallholder farmers can enjoy the benefits of their hard work, if the federal government and other organizations help in ensuring that these technologies are adopted by the farmers in the country.

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